Art & Code for Amusement & Commerce.

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More specifically,

these are the types of assignments we tend to handle:


Web Development

We build websites for startups, artists, small businesses, and all sorts of other entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries.

App Development

Our apps are usually born of in something fun. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take the construction and development seriously. Very seriously. Very.


Building a brand usually starts with a logo. Our design approach leans toward clean, iconic and versatile, creating a positive first impression.

Some work we've done

Here's a smattering of items from our portfolio.

The peeps behind epidemik

Epidemik is the digital arts agency of Wes Billman and John Risser.

Sometimes we create things for ourselves. Sometimes for others. Sometimes we create on our own. Sometimes we collaborate with fellow designers and programmers. Always with the highest standards of usability, functionality and design.

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